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After Veltins has decided to enter winter sports, our colleagues from Dornbirn have challenged us to create new ideas for the sponsoring appearance that live up to the brand slogan “refreshingly different”. Soon became clear that besides the conventional advertising tools the inflatable will become the core of the new designs. Out of many different approaches the “Icehands” have been most convincing. The underlying idea was two hands of ice and snow cheering with bottles of fresh Veltins. This in turn should on the one hand underline the fresh positioning of the brand as well as on the other hand celebrate the affinity to winter. In order to meet the premium execution standards of Veltins we sought and found a new producer who primarily is working in the show business and who understands inflatables as a means to an end. In fact they claim to produce sculptures that don’t look like inflatables. This statement created instant mutual understanding and the result speaks for itself.

Additionally we have been entrusted with the development of the graphic works for the entire Veltins winter sports sponsoring appearance as well as the creation of the presenting spots on German TV for the Ski Jump World Cup, the 4 Hills Tournament and the Nordic Ski World Championships. At this point we would like to thank WWP Group for the good co-operation!


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