Sponsoring Alpine Ski World Cup 2015 16 Review With the help of new and creative ideas the third sponsoring year of Emmi CAFFÈ LATTE was completed successfully The Emmi Chalet 2 0 was in the centre of the activation measures To reshape the traditional chalet into a modern and urban version which is still corresponding with the alpine chic of the environment was our main challenge The result was a stylish and cozy coffee lounge where the fresh spirit of Emmi CAFFÈ LATTE was integrated in In further consequence the chalet established itself as an open and young hotspot at the Alpine Ski World Cup To explain the origin an emergence of the product the brand entertainment area was used as well The chalet was introduced to the Alpine World Cup two times in January it was situated right at the World Cup Village and at the finals in St Moritz next to the hotel Schweizerhof which is based in St Moritz Dorf One item on the agenda was the get together of former Swiss skistars as well as friends and partners Fashionable XXL bib number giveaways revolutionized our on site activation measures The bib numbers were based on actual fashion trends They were used for athlete bib numbers as well Leo look dressed women and men in Jeans style riding down the slopes was the final outcome Sponsoring Alpine Ski World Cup 2016 17 Preview The FIS Alpine World Ski Championships 2017 will take place in St Mo ritz meaning CAFFÈ LATTE has home advantage We are really looking forward to a great and exciting Alpine World Cup season with the highlight in St Moritz We are proud to announce Tina Weirather and Wendy Holdener as our Emmi CAFFÈ LATTE testimonials in 2016 17 Thus we are able to lead a more intensive online communication as well as reaching additional networking benefits 7 on site activations 20 sampling days 120 sampling hours 87 000 cups of Emmi CAFFÈ LATTE 42 200 XXL bib numbers

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